Coconut Product Suppliers

Zasya Exports was conceptualized and created to provide the coir products that match the global standards and needs, We supply coco peat ( Coir Pith), coconut copra, coconut oil, husked chips, coconut fiber, coir bricks, and semi Husked coconut, our impeccable procuring expertise enables us to cater to your requirements and being a dynamic contender we are ambitious to set the standard and pace in the industry.We are the cocopeat manufacturer,wholesale suppliers and expoters from india.

Zasya Exports is one of the successful and renowned coconut products producers in India. At the core of supplying a comprehensive range of coconut products at the best price and premium quality, we work continuously to explore and exhibit innovative collections in the industry. Equipped with all advanced machinery, production/manufacturing unit, packaging unit, and other techniques, we can produce any range of products as determined by our clients with no hesitations. Added with, our crew of professionals in all departments of coconut product production is dedicated and sincere in producing top-notch products that beat our competitors in the marketplace, especially in the digital space.

Reasons to Choose Zasya Exports:

There should certainly be some reasons that make us successful and why we get repeated and new clients and here they are:

  • Superior product quality
  • Customized labeling, designs, printing, packaging solution
  • Flexibility to produce products according to our client's needs
  • Dimensional accuracy of every product produced
  • Competitive pricing
  • On-time delivery
  • Personalized services
  • 100% client happiness
Production of Quality Coconut Products:-

Zasya Exports is very specific at producing only organic and high-quality coconut Products. We pay more attention to carefully selected raw materials like coconut husk. Along-side we also integrated advanced and proven quality methods to produce various materials like;

  • Coco peat
  • Coco Husked chips
  • Coconut fiber
  • Coconut Oil
  • Semi Husked Chips
  • Coconut Copra and Many More…



Company Strategy

Through Unparalleled customer service and providing excellent quality products we aspire to excel in matching the customers expectations thereby ....


Core Values

Quality : We assure products of the highest quality and we ensure inimitable service ,together they synergistically augment customer delight and satisfaction.


Our Goals

Our vision is to grow exponentially and reach all corners of the globe through alliances, associations and partnerships and achieve manufacturing....

The shipment was shipped by Zasya Exports in a timely manner and was exactly what we expected.

The product was up to standards and what was discussed.

Ms.Thu Khone

Oil Copra Importer, Myanmar

  • 4.50

Dear Mr.Kishore I hereby declare that the container was cleared and delivered to our farm. The products are
beyond my expectations since it’s was first making business with your company. 


Cocopeat block's importer, Qatar

  • 5

Zasya Exports, one of the flexible suppliers who will do their best to keep their customers happy and they deliver high-quality products with innovative packaging and on-time delivery.



  • 4.50


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