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Coconut Fiber

Zasya Exports is one the Best Coconut / Coir Fiber Manufacturer, Wholesale Suppliers and Expoters from Tamilnadu and India.We export fine coir fibers extracted from mature green and brown coconut husks. Coir is widely used for commercial and industrial applications to design mats, mattresses, brushes and upholstery. It is known for its low decomposition rate.We provide coir fiber that is free from 2-3% pith, and roots.

Natural coir fiber is baled with the assistance of rust free iron Hoops or plastic straps, to ensure its high quality and utility. Our products are available at competitive prices. We also customise the product for a client. Coir fiber is used in the bedding industry, for automobile upholstery and for erosion control.

Specifications of Brown and Golden White Coir Fiber

Fiber Length 15-25 cm ( 80% more than 20 cm)
Dust Less than 1%
Weight deviation Less than 0.5%
Impurities Less than 1% Very clean and soft fibers
Moisture Less than 15%

Specifications of Coir Fiber

Product Code CROC-001
Application Bedding Industry, Automobile Upholstery, Erosion Control
Size 48 x 30 x 18 inch
Moisture < 15% (Max 15%)
Bale Weight 100 Kg – 125 Kg/Bale
Usage Mattress filling, Cushions filling, material for coir logs, As a stitched blanket to control soil erosion, Prevent heat transfer and room insulation, Rope manufacturing, Making fishing nets.
Color White(Golden Brown) and Brown
Fiber Length 6 cm to 20 cm / 60 mm to 200 mm / 2 ½” to 8″
Impurities < 3% (Max 3%)