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Wholesale Coconut Oil Suppliers

Zasya Exports is one the Best Coconut Oil Manufacturer, Wholesale Suppliers and Expoters from Tamilnadu and India.We offer pure and fresh coconut oil. Coconut Oil can be extensively used for hair care, toiletry and other domestic purposes. It has multiple human benefits, as coconut oil is seed-derived oil that can be used from head to toe as well as for cooking. Our Coconut oil in its purest form can be customized as per the client's requirement and specification. Coconut oil is extremely beneficial for health and is good for the hair and skin.

Fresh-Centrifuged Process: As your virgin coconut supplier, we understand how important it is to capture the full nature of virgin coconut oil, including its original taste and aroma, that exists in a real, fresh and mature coconut fruit. For over ten years, we have developed the fresh-centrifuged process to create virgin coconut oil in its most raw, natural and fresh form

  • Drying-Fresh coconut meat is dried to produce the oil. Low heat is used to quick dry the coconut meat.
  • Wet-milling- In this method, fresh coconut meat is not dried. The coconut meat is squeezed out to produce the milk first. The oil produced is separated from the water and solid components (which is mostly protein). It is difficult to remove the oil and various methods like boiling, fermentation, refrigeration, enzymes and mechanical centrifuge are used.
  • Fermentation- This is the traditional method. Coconut milk extracted from the fresh coconuts is fermented for 1-3 days for the oil to separate from the water and solid contents (which are mostly protein). The oil is slightly heated to reduce moisture content and be filtered
  • 100% Centrifuged - No Roasted Aroma. To preserve the oil, we ensure that the oil is not significantly heated in the entire process.
  • The High content of laurin, MCT & olein oils. Preserves 50% lauric acid and up to 70% MCT
  • The Fresh and mild aroma and taste. Experience the REAL, light and mild aroma/flavor of coconut oil!
  • Simply pure. Free from sediments, metal contaminants, and impurities. Non-refined, non-bleached, non-deodorized, non-fermented, and non-GMO