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Coconut Husked Chips Manufacturer in india

Coco chips are also used as a mulching agent as well as a soil conditioner. We are the Coconut Husked Chips Manufacturer and Expoters in india. Our coir chips are used as mulching material in gardens. It is a natural and renewable substitute for pine bark. A garden where coir is applied does not only look beautiful but on top of that is better for plants and trees because of its property to retain high amounts of water and to release it there where necessary.

  • This versatile coco coir chips growing medium is capable of filling a variety of needs. Coconut coir fibers from the coconut shells make this mulch gentle enough to use with orchids and other potted plants but are sturdy enough to use in landscaping, garden beds or grow bags
  • Great for All Plants The combination of a balanced pH, low natural salt content, and minimal odor makes these coconut husk chips perfect for the nurturing of all plants. It also mixes well with soil, making it great for home gardening and professional growing
  • Made & Easy to Store Whether you want to organically mulch your garden beds or keep your potted plants healthy and looking their best, you can depend on our coconut husk -chips long lifespan to last through tempestuous weather and natural wear-and-tear.
  • An Excellent choice for orchids, bromeliads, kalanchoe and any plants that require aeration.
Coco Chips Specifications:
5 Kg Coco Husk Chips Bales/Blocks
Size 32 x 36 x 12 or 30 x 30 x 15cm
Weight < 5kg
No. of litres 50 55 litres
Moisture <18% 20%
Formula 100% Husk Chips
EC.Content Different levels possible
Packing / Content (Un Wrapper / Free loading )
4800 Blocks 1 x 40 ft HC container (24 MT)
Pallitised: 4400 Blocks 1 x 40 ft HC Container (22 MT)
220 Blocks x 20 Pallets per 40 ft. container
Coco Husk chips used in various fields such as: :
  • High value cash crops
  • orchid and cut-flower growers
  • Potting Mixes
  • Soil Conditioning

Coco Husk chips 500g Bricks:

This is a hard compressed brick of coconut husk chips. We can compress any grade of husk chips according to client requirements. Also, it can be shrink wrapped with a custom label. The bricks normally can be palletized or put inboxes. The brick will give a yield of 6-7 Liters of coco chips when hydrated. Husk chips bricks are perfect growing media for household or professional grower. Briquettes are perfect for a variety of flowering and vegetable plants. It can be made by mixing with Coco peat. Size, quality and labeling can be customizable..

This organic orchid medium provides an excellent aeration system, while also holding moisture for your orchids. It aids in rapid growth for orchids, bromeliads, anthuriums (hydroponics), and many other plants that benefit from an aerated medium. Coconut husk does not break down and moisture is held within each chip, discouraging fungus gnats. With a favorable pH of 5.2-6.5, the results are exceptional. To use, simply soak each brick in warm water for 30-45 minutes.

Coco Chips Specifications:
Coco husk chips crushed materials(small pcs) Washed materials (low EC range )
Per Brick Size 20cm x 10cm x 5cm (0.5cm)
Per Brick Weight < 500 Kg (50g)
Compression Ratio 8:1
Per Brick Expansion Volume <7 Ltrs
Per Pallet 200 Bricks, 20 Pallets
40ft Container Load ability (20 x 2000 pcs = 40000, 20MT)per container